Medical Device Case Study

Blood Analysis Tooling

This tool was made for a global market leader in the healthcare sector for a blood analysis device. We worked closely with the design team to optimize the part design for overmoulding.

The tooling was created to enable R&D development of over-moulding substrates.

The tool was to be used on a vertical injection machine press for easy loading of the pre-form parts prior to overmoulding. We carefully positioned the pin and blade ejectors to act as locating guides for the parts and optimized the number of impressions for the customers machine.

After we completed the tool manufacture our process engineer supported the project by fully commissioning the tool on the customers site.

Tool Specification:

  • High grade aluminium mould plates
  • Cold feed
  • Pin/blade ejection (accelerated using Cam style actuators)
  • Rotatable sprue bush for family tool