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Far Eastern Tooling

We offer a global solution that combines cost-efficiency with our quality and precision.

Our Far-Eastern Facilities

Alliance Tooling extends its bespoke toolmaking expertise beyond the shores of the UK through our Far-East Toolmaking Service, with a network of trusted and managed manufacturing partners in China.

We use the same equipment, software and technologies as our Far-Eastern partners ensuring a seamless data transfer between our two manufacturing sites.

All of our Chinese tooling comes fully supported with real shot life guarantees, backed by our comprehensive UK toolroom.

Tool Design

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Why Opt for Far-East Toolmaking?

Choosing our Far-East Toolmaking Service opens up new opportunities and advantages, particularly for businesses looking to optimise costs without compromising quality. Here’s why this service stands out:

Cost Savings

Our Chinese manufacturers provide competitive pricing structures for when budget considerations are paramount.

Scale and Flexibility

Our far-east facilities can handle high-volume production runs, offering a level of scalability that’s challenging to match.

Quality Assurance

Our UK team closely manages every aspect of the process, ensuring the tools meet the same standards as our British operations.

Communication & Project Management

Alliance Tooling bridges the gap so overseas factors do not effect your projects.

Alliance Tooling Tool Room

Get in touch about our Far Eastern Tooling Services

We understand that Far-East toolmaking comes with quality, communication, and control considerations. Our promise is to make this process as transparent, reliable, and advantageous as choosing our British Injection Mould Toolmaking Service.

With our experienced team managing your project from start to finish, you can expect the same excellence, no matter where in the world your tools are made.

All of our Chinese tooling comes fully supported with shot life guarantees, backed up by our UK toolroom.