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Injection Mould Tool Manufacturing

We are proud to offer comprehensive UK injection mould tool manufacturing

Trusted UK Injection Mould Tool Manufacturer

Alliance Tooling is one of the UK’s leading injection mould toolmakers, with an approach underpinned by continuous innovation and investment in our machinery.

This commitment ensures our suite of machinery in our Leicestershire facility remains up-to-date and well-maintained, minimising downtime and ensuring our production facility operates efficiently around the clock.

The result is a seamless supply chain and innovative machining processes that deliver high-quality injection mould tools in a timely manner, manufactured in the Heart of England.

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Injection mould tool

Aluminium injection mould tool

Far East Tooling

Alliance Tooling extends its world-class tooling services to the Far East with our own dedicated manufacturing facility in China.

This facility is equipped to manufacture extensive suites of tooling, adhering to the same high standards we uphold in the UK.

Our Far East and UK facilities are seamlessly integrated, utilising the same cutting-edge technologies and software.

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Why Trust Us?

Our design team has experience in the following types of tooling:

Pilot Tooling

These moulds are used for prototyping or small-scale runs, allowing for thorough testing and validation before manufacturing begins.

Rapid Aluminium Tooling

We use aluminium moulds for cost-effective, quick turnaround tooling solutions, ideal for when time to market is a crucial factor.

Hardened Steel Tooling

We offer efficient, cost-effective, and reliable tools to meet demands of high volume runs without compromising on quality.

Sliding Core Tooling

Complex moulds incorporating moving sections to create geometries in moulded parts, not possible with fixed tooling alone.

Hot Manifolds

Hot manifolds maintain the molten state of plastic as it’s distributed into mould cavities, allowing for a more consistent material flow.

Machine Aluminium - Alliance Tooling

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Our commitment to excellence, combined with the tangible benefits of local production, makes us the ideal partner for businesses looking to enhance their manufacturing capabilities and achieve sustainable growth.