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Rapid Aluminium Tooling

What is Rapid Aluminium Tooling?

Rapid Aluminium Tooling involves the use of aluminium moulds for quick and cost-effective production of prototypes or low-volume parts.

This method is favoured for its speed in manufacturing and the ability to test designs or materials without the high costs associated with traditional steel tooling. 

Injection mould tool for jug

Aluminium injection mould tool

Why Choose Alliance Tooling for Rapid Aluminium Tooling?

Alliance Tooling’s expertise in Rapid Aluminium Tooling allows us to offer our clients swift turnaround times and exceptional quality in prototype and short-run production.

Our seasoned design and engineering teams leverage their knowledge and the latest technology to ensure that even the most complex designs can be realised quickly and efficiently, providing a significant advantage in fast-paced market environments.

Need Rapid Aluminium Tooling for your Next Project?

We use aluminium moulds for cost-effective, quick turnaround tooling solutions, ideal for prototyping and short-run production or when time to market is a crucial factor.

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