Alliance Tooling Strengthens Market Position with Additional Machining Investment

25 March 2024

Alliance Tooling, a leading injection mould toolmaker based in Leicester, has announced the recent addition of a new Kafo machining centre to its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

This latest acquisition marks the fourth Kafo machining centre purchased by Alliance Tooling, underscoring the company’s ongoing commitment to technological advancement and superior quality in the manufacturing of graphite electrodes for mould making. These cutting-edge machining centres are supplied and serviced by TDT Machine Tools, based in Rugby, Warwickshire.

Other Kafo machining centres
Other Kafo machining centres at Alliance Tooling

The new Kafo machine represents a significant investment for Alliance Tooling. Specifically tailored for the efficient production of graphite electrodes, the SCV-5 machining centre is distinguished by its agility and compact design, and boasts a custom dust extraction device that guarantees the containment of dust particles during operation. This feature is instrumental in maintaining the exceptional standard of cleanliness that Alliance Tooling is renowned for, ensuring a safer and cleaner working environment.

Additionally, the latest Kafo machining centre is equipped with higher spindle speeds compared to previous models. This enhancement enables faster processing of electrodes, significantly reducing manufacturing times. As a result, Alliance Tooling is able to pass on this efficiency to its customers, reinforcing its position as a leader in the competitive toolmaking industry.

This latest addition to Alliance Tooling’s capacity closely follows the delivery of their third Kafo machining centre in November 2023. Demonstrating a strategic approach to growth, Alliance Tooling had proactively placed the order for this fourth machine ahead of the previous one’s arrival. This sequence of acquisitions, supplied by TDT Machine Tools, showcases Alliance Tooling’s keen foresight in responding to market demands.

Alliance Tooling’s Technical Director, Chris Rossell, commented, “We are thrilled to welcome our fourth Kafo machining centre to the Alliance Tooling family. Each addition represents not just an investment in technology, but a commitment to the craft and quality that our clients expect from us.

“The custom features of our latest machine are really significant for us; these advancements allow us to uphold our promise of delivering exceptional mould tools with impressive efficiency.”

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