Design for Manufacture (DFM) & Part Optimisation

Injection mould tool close up
Flow analysis model

Part optimisation is fundamental to any project. Our on-site engineering team can review your 3D model in great detail with a view for design for manufacture. We only use the latest analysis software to aid our engineers to do this. We can take your 2D or 3D models and turn them into production ready designs within a matter of days.

Optimisation can include analysing the model for:

  • Potential sink marks
  • Draft angles
  • Mould filling issues
  • Part undercuts
  • Post moulding distortions
  • Clearance between mating parts in an assembly

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Mould flow analysis

Case study:
Our customer tasked us with manufacturing a large tray for which flatness was very important. We took their concept design and adjusted the wall thicknesses and rib structure. We then ran mould flow analysis to predict the warpage and our design reduced the distortion significantly. Further DFM changes involved adding draft to avoid scuffing on the part and optimising ejection locations to avoid stress when demoulding the part from the tooling. After approval from our customer we manufactured the tool and got the customer into production in rapid fashion.

Mould flow analysis