The Tool design process is carried out in house utilising the latest CAD packages and up to the minute digital part resources.

As part of this process a full evaluation of the customers component data is carried out. During which we are able to identify areas such as inadequate draft or features not viable for economic production.

As a result the client may choose to alter their own component design or have Alliance provide that service. In addition to this a client can request a complete FEA analysis of their component as part of the optimisation procedure.

The Tool design may also be optimised using Mouldflow software prior to manufacture to ensure costly and time consuming alterations are not required further downstream. Once optimised both 3D and 2D production data can then be produced.

The Tool GA andĀ  supporting detail drawings are subsequently archived at our UK site as part of the maintenanceĀ  documentation for every Mould Tool produced.

FEA (Finite Element Analysis)

This digital process enables parts and assemblies to be loaded and tested in the virtual environment providing valuable information on part strength and how the parts may react in the real world.


This system enables us to predict potential stresses or distortion in moulded parts and also evaluate different feed, flow and cooling scenarios prior to tool manufacture.